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What To Wear

Explore our guidance below to find out what to wear to the Award's

What to Wear

As you may have seen from the event promotion, as the Awards are being held in Mid Summer and have a Polynesian/Tropical theme this year, we've dispensed the black tie and formal wear and we're inviting you to dress in your stylish Summer outfits.

Ladies: Summer Chic
Think Royal Garden Party or Glamorous Summer wedding


Light, breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, or silk. Opt for sundresses, maxi dresses, or elegant summer dresses in floral patterns or solid colours.

Tops and Bottoms

Stylish blouses or tops paired with skirts or tailored shorts. Jumpsuits and rompers in summer-appropriate fabrics are also welcome.


Sandals, wedges, or elegant flats. Heels are optional but should be comfortable for walking and standing.


Summer hats, lightweight scarves, and statement jewellery. Sunglasses can add a chic touch.


Embrace bright, cheerful colours and patterns. Pastels, whites, and tropical prints are highly encouraged.

Gentlemen: Pastel and Linen Suits


Linen or lightweight cotton suits in pastel colours such as light blue, mint green, soft pink, or beige. Traditional white or off-white suits are also acceptable.


Light, breathable fabrics. A crisp white shirt or a pastel-colored shirt to complement the suits


Optional. If worn, choose light, summery colours or subtle patterns that match the overall attire.


Pocket squares, lightweight scarves, and tasteful hats can enhance the summer look. Sunglasses are also a stylish and practical accessory.


Focus on light, summery hues. Avoid dark colours and heavy fabrics to maintain the seasonal vibe.


Loafers, dress shoes, or elegant sandals. Shoes should be comfortable for the summer weather.

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